Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NBA Players Probably More Hurt By Donald Sterling's Contempt Towards Them

Kind of feel bad for NBA owner Los Angles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.   

He made some racist comments in a private conversation to his gold digger black-Hispanic gentile girlfriend V. Stiviano.  As we all know by now, those private comments got blasted all over the news.  And as I write, Sterling might be losing his franchise.

There is a great deal of hypocrisy by all sides regarding Sterling's comments.    (One thing we have sadly learned is that the most persecuted religion in the world also has a few bigots in its ranks.) 

Actually  would love to be a fly on the wall hearing Sterling's millionaire ball players talking about their white boss and other white folks prior to the entire event.  Bet there were some racist comments spewing from some of their mouths prior to the event and heaven forbid now. 

But for me, the real story is how much contempt this billionaire owner probably has to towards his overpaid employees.   And perhaps if we were honest, most of us who have been employees would hate to hear what our bosses have said about us when the doors are closed.

Bigots exist and many billionaires likely were not nice to many of the people they stomped over to get a head in the game.   Sterling's comments well could have been just an old man ranting much as anyone of us who have ranted.  Unfortunately, some sleaze ball ---listened in on his conversation and deliberately made it public.   

Sterling made a lot of men wealthy and probably what bothers the players and the African American fans of LA  is how little he actually liked them all! 

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