Wednesday, April 2, 2014

After beating story into ground, news organizations need to move on from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 story

Let's face it, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is a tragedy for all of the families.   

Understandably, there will be  likely no completed closure for the family members of the likely deceased passengers until the passengers' bodies or at the least airplane wreckage has been retrieved.   

After photos of showing the public dots in the ocean and news reporters going to Australia to "assist," in the recovery,  this story does not warrant top news billing every day particularly on CNN.

Most Famous Piece of Ocean Trash 

CNN has a tendency to drive stories into the ground by their cast of pundits as Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and  lesbian vegan what's her name --- oh yes, Jane Velez-Mitchell.  

CNN pundit lesbian, animal activist, crime show host, what's her name? 

And after catching a glimpse of Wolf Blitzer fielding questions from listeners to his panel of experts on the flight, this viewer shouted out to the television, "Enough is enough."  

There are many more pressing newsworthy stories that now deserve more top billing as:

  • Russia amassing troops on the border of the Ukraine as Putin lifts his middle finger to a failed American foreign policy 
  • General Motors Co comes under attack for its policy of failure to notify public about defective parts linked to fatal crashes
  • Landslide disaster in Oso, Washington State (should have been given more news coverage than the flight) 
  • Earthquakes in Chile and California 
  • Trash in the world's oceans---which the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Recovery fortunately has made the world most aware of 
Initially, the flight disappearance was newsworthy at least for the intrigue which surrounds the story ---but until plane parts remnants are actually found---time to move on CNN. 

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