Wednesday, August 15, 2012

William Shatner's Priceline Negotiator Is Back

I like television commercials often time more than I do the actual television shows.  In our household it is a battle for the television remote control.  With the remote,  the wife will “mute” the commercials when they come on and when I gain control of the  remote we have to watch the advertisements over and over again.

For those of you who follow television commercials like I do, knew that discount travel agency, Priceline, made a big mistake when they killed off the Priceline Negotiator.  If you recall the Negotiator plummetted off a cliff in a burning bus as he rescued tourists from the vehicle.  After the tragedy of the crash, other Priceline ads alluded to the tragic demise of the Negotiator. This viewer knew the character was not replaceable.

More than likely the Price Negotiator just grew on me because I like William Shatner, but admittedly the commercials actually just got goofier and better.  I would sit through them over and over again as the Negotiator would save consumers from over-priced sleeping accommodations.

Well, today I learned the Price Negotiator was discovered to be alive and the commercial of his return should be airing again shortly.   For this viewer of television commercials it was about time!

Much like the Price Negotiator, who would have figured that the Progressive Insurance spokeswoman Flo would still be around? With perfectly groomed hair and wearing too much lipstick, and possessing a way too happy voice, Flo is the commercial spokeswoman for the insurance company. 

Despite Flo’s happy and persuasive banter, it doesn’t mean that I have gone out and cancelled my current auto insurance provider.  But much as I used to believe in Santa, there is a side of me that believes that there maybe an actual Progressive Insurance Store.  In Progressive's store, white-coated sales technicians will actually greet us and will help us assemble our homeowners and auto insurance packages.

Initially, when Geico insurance used an Australian accented gecko lizard  to promote their insurance company,  I wanted to step on the critter. However the very sophisticated lizard has proven to be a great spokes reptile  for the insurance company.  

Fortunately not to over work their famous lizard, the insurer has not solely relied  upon him as their pitch animal.  Geico has had other animals and people to promote their company as Cavemen, a very pink and annoying Little Piggie, wood chucks, and more recently a body builder happily directing traffic with all of his great poses.   

Of course the AFLAC duck is an all time favorite.   When AFLAC representatives arrived at my former place of employment to sell their disability insurance, everyone made quacking noises and duck jokes as we went in to talk with the insurance agent. 

Allstate’s Mayhem is quite entertaining in a disturbing sort of way.  Mayhem’s antics are so disturbing  that you will  go out and purchase Allstate insurance to protect you and your properties from disasters created by him. 

Hats off to the advertisers and the companies who have given us these great characters which provide some light moments in the world of poor television.  Their advertisements are so off the wall and quirky that they have made millions of us laugh and keep asking for more.

And as I am about to conclude today’s blog about nothingness, I need to grab the remote control from my wife so I can watch the new Free Credit Report. com advertisements and the return of the original lyp syncing band!  It will be my tenth viewing of their return.


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