Sunday, August 5, 2012

Distorted Comments Made Chick-fil-A Wealthier

In case you have been hiding in your chicken coop all week, the Chick-fil-A’s controversy about gay marriage stimulated American poultry consumption this week.  

With assured Christian cockiness, billionaire Chick-fil-A CEO Rooster President Dan Cathy crowed about his belief in the biblical terms of marriage---you know--- as that being like between a rooster and a hen.    

To assure that no one mistook chatty Cathy’s comments as being homophobic, his company has  reassured Americans that Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against gay employees and has no problem in serving up a gay hen or gay rooster in their sandwiches!

Cathy probably reflected the views of the majority flock of Americans. However, Cathy’s self-righteous Christian bantering did offend the progressive press who like chicken hawks swooped in and quickly pecked at his views as being somewhat un-American and with some writers encouraging a boycott of his restaurants.  

Progressive politicians hopped on the wagon of perceived public flock opinion, and some made difficult zoning laws for Chick-fil-A restaurants to be built in their barnyards.   However, the boycott did backfire.

In a show of support for Cathy’s views and to the delight of cows, millions of Christians flocked to the Chick-fil-A feed stores and consumed tons of roasters this past week. 

Source of Picture: The Dispatch

Unintentional perhaps, Cathy’s comments brought out quite a few supporters and he made millions in chicken feed to support his Christian brood.     

Perhaps the issue was not Cathy's view of gay marriage, but rather the right for Cathy to express his views without his views being distorted for some political agenda. 

After this week,  Americans now know the owner's beliefs and may or may not choose to patronize his restaurants.

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