Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smashed Rabbit, Prank Text, Passing Gas Are But Life's Embarrassing Moments

Talk about having a bad day.  

Most of you have read by now on MSNBC the story of the 
German cameraman who stepped accidentally on a rare and earless baby bunny rabbit and killed it. 

Of course the poor rabbit suffered I am certainly for a few seconds, but that poor cameraman has to be feeling just awful---but in a sick kind of way---it was funny. 

The poor rabbit is more famous posthumously than when it was alive.

The  story could either make you laugh or cry and would be most appropriate in a movie produced by Ben Stiller or in a Seinfeld sitcom episode.

Another story that made me laugh out loud was when a teenager sent out a random text message saying 'I hid the body ... now what.' 

Out of the almost half million possible random numbers, her message arrived to a policeman.  Of course, she was lectured etc., but I imagine she will learn to share her sense of humor with only those she knows.

We all have had embarrassing moments and these were just two extremes, which fortunately did not cost human lives. 

Sometimes it is not just the little guy who gets caught up in an embarrassing moment.  

One embarrassment was of a Presidential magnitude and still makes me laugh out loud.

The moment was when President George W. Bush was standing behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel and playfully delivered her an impromptu neck rub at a Group of Eight Summit meeting.

Her reaction, well it was just priceless and went viral over the Internet and television. 

There are many articles describing how to handle moments of embarrassment.   

Most authors have generally suggested something like the following:

  • Laugh at Yourself  
  • Learn How to Prevent the Embarrassing Moment from Happening Again
  • Live and learn and Chalk it Up as Being One of Life’s Unpredictable Moments of Just Being Human
As for myself, well I have been in many situations---passing gas in a classroom of teenagers, walking around in public with my trouser's zipper down, laughing at something at the most inappropriate time, and talking about someone and they are standing behind me.

Good news, I have survived!

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