Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its Been A Tough Few Weeks for Animals

Guess what.  Some chicken jerky treats, made in China, apparently may be causing many dogs to become ill and die.

Probably should not be surprised that the tainted treats  were manufactured in a country that a dog or cat might end up being served on your dinner table as a main course.   And of course this is a country with no laws protecting animals from abuse, let alone their own citizenry.

Made In China

More troubling was that the two American companies, Nestle Purina and Delmonte had to move their operations way over to China to get the meat and grain products which could have been easily purchased and pulled together into safe animal food in the United States or Canada.

Granted it is hard to find Made in the USA electronics, but fortunately, there are animal foods processed in the United States and those foods are what my wife and I strive to purchase for the animal members of our family. 

I am not a vegetarian and do like my steaks, chicken, and fish and of course feed my pets food products made of meat.

I do not hunt and have no problem with hunters or fishermen, or well-managed zoos or aquariums, however, when you see pictures of the Trump kids posing with big game animals on the endangered list that they killed, it is a bit sickening.

Hunting may be a challenge tracking down the animals, but let’s be candid neither an animal or human does not stand much of chance when blown away with a gun.

 If the Trump boys wanted to truly display their skills and male bravado, perhaps shooting pictures of the animals with a camera would be much more noble and at least demonstrate some awareness of the very fragile environment.

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