Saturday, February 13, 2016

Andrew Jackson's Populist Message Applies To Current Politics

Career politicians are having a tough time making any traction this time into the hearts of regular voters this year.  Their success baffles the pundits and Trump & Sanders have been labeled populists.

Being a populist is not necessarily a badge of honor by the pundits.  Liberal pundits view those who vote for Sanders as being either too young to really understand the moderate message of Clinton.  Those who vote for Trump are viewed as disgruntled rednecks and are anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic, and anti-gay.

But there is a whole group of voters who actually are just tired of the current Washington climate of politicians of both parties being in the pockets of special interest groups.   The current crop of politicians have decided that their job in life is to just be a politician and to hell with their constituency until it is election time.

The Congress blocks everything a sitting President attempts to get accomplished and seem dumbfounded when a President has to issue executive orders just to end some stalemates.

Many Americans are just tired of the saber rattling that some of the mainstream politicians do as being somewhat a necessity to be viewed as a good Commander In Chief.

Don't misunderstand this writer----some of the so-called populist messages being bantered about are a bit discouraging.

Converting the country to a more socialist mindset or deporting thousands of illegal immigrants is too costly.  Quoting the bible versus the constitution is a bit disconcerting to voters who strongly believe in the spirit of the separation of church and state.  Denying groups of Americans the right to marry is akin to denying black Americans their rights to vote.  Appointing members to the Supreme Court based on litmus tests versus an impartial interpretation of the constitution is alarming.

A different type of candidate beholden to no special interest groups other than the voters is perhaps why the Trump and Sanders messages are resonating.

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