Saturday, December 1, 2012

Valid Reasons For and Against Marijuana Legalization

Those who argue for the legalization of marijuana probably have very logical reasons for decriminalizing the drug. 


The very valid arguments for pot’s legalization would be: 
  • Mexican cartels would be hardest hit and there would have to be some reduction in the violence not only in Mexico but also in the United States  
  • The high costs of incarcerating and trying pot smokers, growers, and smugglers would be reduced 
  • There would be an increase in federal and state tax revenues 
  • There are some legitimate medical uses for the drugs use

Not everyone who drinks will become an alcoholic.   And the same probably could be said that any one who lights up a joint would not necessarily become addicted.  

Yet, there are people who will be addicted and there will be costs that go with the addiction.

Whether it is pot, alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, cigarettes (you get the picture) any drug addiction brings accompanying social, economic, physical, and mental costs. 

And some would argue successfully that the monetary cost for the treatment of addictions might exceed any additional tax revenues, which may be generated by legalizing pot.

The destruction of human lives with any drug addiction is tragic. For many who will pick up a joint, it may be a 1x a week event.   But there are others who smoke daily and as frequently as those of us who have our several cups of coffee.  

But the difference between a coffee drinker and cigarette smoker versus a pot smoker, is that the coffee drinker / cigarette smoker generally does not have impaired judgment when working or driving a vehicle.  A heavy coffee drinker is less apt to miss work due to a coffee binge.   And most importantly, unlike the pot smoker and alcoholic there are few incidents of domestic violence caused by a caffeine rush or nicotine craving.

Americans have a lot to think about when it comes to the legalization of pot and there are some very strong arguments pro and con for the drug’s legalization.

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