Saturday, December 22, 2012

Give Piers Morgan a High Five for Calling Gun Lobby Arguments Hogwash

This past week the discussion of gun control laws has been a topic on most television news networks. 

This week Piers Morgan had two gun lobbyist guests: John Lott (author of More Guns, Less Crime) and Steven W. Dulan  (member of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership).  The discussion was heated and most definitely, Piers Morgan did not have an objective opinion on the subject.

And though I strongly disagree with Lott’s and Dulan’s view of the world, they deserve credit for appearing Piers Morgan's show arguing against additional gun control laws.   As all that watched the show noted, Piers, though not fatally, shot their arguments down.

Piers Morgan’s temper was very hard to watch as he disparaged the men's viewpoints much as how the members of the British Parliament conduct business.   However it takes an outsider like Morgan to tell Americans how foolish the gun lobby arguments actually are.

Gun lobbyists like Lott and Dulan must live in a criminal infested area of the United States.  Or perhaps, these two college educated men are just paranoid which is likely the case.

Lott and Dulan’s views of the world are  that a criminal is lurking around the corner to do them harm.  They and other like thinkers feel that they need to be well armed  to do battle. 

Unfortunately for most Americans, their view is not unique as we all have good friends and relatives who use the same arguments that guns should not be more strictly regulated because criminals will have the better guns to kill with.

The last paranoid gun owner was George Zimmerman.

After a police dispatcher warned Zimmerman to quit pursuing Trayvon Martin because he thought the kid was acting suspicious, Zimmerman’s paranoia got Martin killed and Zimmerman will be standing trial for the kid’s murder.

My advice to gun lobbyists, avoid the Piers Morgan Show unless you are very thick skinned and have a masochistic desire to be verbally beaten up.

 As for Piers, he deserves a healthy high five for correctly terming gun lobby arguments as"hogwash".

Source: CNN Piers Morgan, guests debate gun control .

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