Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bob Costas' Commentary Before the Chiefs vs. Panthers Game Was Right On and Needed

Despite the suicide murder of Kansas City Chief line backer player Jovan Belcher and his victim girlfriend---Kassandra Perkins, the Chiefs went on to play their regularly scheduled football game against the Carolina Panthers. 

Now it would take a total cloddish personality to ignore the tragedy of the weekend and pretend the event did not occur.  NBC sports commentator Bob Costas gave an eloquent summation of the dangers of certain personalities possessing a gun.    Of course, and it is not unusual, we are all guilty of selective hearing. 

Costas was attacked by gun owners for  suggesting that further gun control laws were needed.   Fans accused Costas of politicizing the event.   For many sports purists, Costas was to ignore the event and pretend it did not happen.  

Well Costas’ comments were much needed and most certainly he did not go on to encourage further gun control legislation.  

After watching the tape, reading the transcripts, and watching the Costas’ interview on the The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell it was very clear Costas’ comments were not meant to discuss gun control laws when he spoke on Sunday.

Rather on Sunday and the days afterwards,  Costas  suggests a look at the gun culture, which has cost many folks their lives at the hands of criminals, friends, family members, and accidents.  (When he was talking to O'Donnell he did elaborate more on the gun culture among sports athletes.)

The majority of people who own guns will not kill.

However in a violent rage when all emotions are out of control and a person has access to a loaded gun, then you most definitely have the potential of a lethal combination.  In a world that youngsters possess illegal handguns then you have the likelihood that the gun will is intended  for violent use.    A person bent on suicide will likely be more successful with a loaded gun.   Sometimes the suicidal person---totally irrational---will use a gun to kill others with him.

Then there are folks, actually intellectual wing nuts, who like to go to extremes and will give a list of other potential objects used to kill and suggest that knives, cars, pills, alcohol etc., be regulated to prevent murder suicides from happening.  No one will ever win an argument with them. So, it is best to allow them to proceed with their silly extreme arguments and walk away! 

Costas was right on and his comments were much needed, as was the moment of silence for the victims of domestic violence before the game.

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