Friday, November 9, 2012

Ted Nugent Has Spoken: Pimps, Whores and Welfare Brats Doomed the Nation

According to singer Ted Nugent, those of us who voted for Obama are pimps, whores and welfare brats.  And according to America’s favorite redneck and big game hunter,  our vote will destroy the nation and set the nation on the road to  economic and spiritual suicide.

Nugent’s view of the world is why many voted for the President and Democratic legislators to keep like minded folks as Nugent  far away from managing the government. 

Those opposed to Obama’s reelection predict doom for the nation and many are threatening to leave the country. If they have the money, please just go ahead and go!  If they honestly feel that they cannot become a part of the solution just move on and they can carry their misery to their new national home. 

Regardless, who had won, the United States cannot afford another 2 years of the political grid lock which has gripped the nation during Obama’s first term. 

There are many of us who considered voting for Romney because of this partisan political deadlock and an economy which was not particularly robust.   For some fleeting moments, some of us thought Romney might be able to break the dead lock. 

However Romney’s problems began during the Republican primary. Romney stood on stage with Tea Party favorites Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich and he lowered  his own intellect and convictions to please a Tea Party constituency that would never love him anyway. 

When Romney was planning his run for President after Obama’s election in 2008, the Tea Party did not exist.  This group galvanized after the Affordable Care Act was passed.  This extreme group and their wealthy supporters successfully high jacked the party and won the mid-term 2010 elections where they obstructed all legislation proposed by Obama after they arrived to Congress.

But much like Ted Nugent, many Tea Party supporters  became very personal in how they challenged those who opposed their positions.

Many wrapped themselves around the American flag and suggested that if you were a progressive thinker you were less than patriotic.   If you supported a withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan you were threatening the national interests. If you were a government employee, your contributions to the national good was insignificant. Many in their membership dismissed the science and evidence of global warming caused by human activity.    

When many in the Tea Party started acknowledging a special and unique bond with Christ and used the Bible as a guide for how to govern they finally went off the deep end.

Romney, an old school northeastern Republican, was trying to reinvent himself to suit the current crop of Christian fundamentalist Republicans that now dominated the party. 

Voting for Romney would have been endorsing Tea Party extremists who had shown that they have no intention to compromise on any pieces of legislation.

For many of today's Republican their view of the world has been a strong belief in the economic survival of the fittest and to hell with the rest who can not make the grade. 
After the Republicans have gone home and finish licking their wounds, they need to seriously begin to expand their constituency to include not only the different ethnic minorities of the nation but welcome back the moderate conservatives that were ignored during the primaries.  

Some Republican moderates perhaps those like Chris Christie, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Jeb Bush and even Mitt Romney need to become leaders and take their party extremists on.  

Based on the elections for Congress and the narrow wins by many Tea Party Republicans, there really is not a mandate for those elected to Congress to just obstruct.  Speaker Boehner needs to capitalize on that reality and recognize that most of those men and women are career politicians who hope to serve many more terms in their  district.

This current fiscal cliff crisis should be the beginning of both parties putting their differences behind them and to start thinking  of the nation first before their personal ambitions.   Rational men and women need to step up to the plate and lead.  Intelligent men and women of both parties know the national debt and entitlement programs need to be addressed and can be successfully addressed with compromise.

It behooves no one---conservative, moderate, progressive, wealthy, middle class, poor, pimps or whores --to continue this unnecessary national deadlock by deliberately paralyzing the President for the next 4 years.

Source:  Seattle Weekly

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