Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boys will be Boys and So Will Middle Aged Generals

North American humorist, Kin Hubbard said about bad behavior that boys will be boys and so will middle aged men.  

Kin Hubbard

Hubbard’s quote most definitely applies to the juvenile and reckless behavior of former CIA Director David Petraeus and United States Afghanistan Commander John Allen. 

These two military “giants” were caught in an email cat fight between two women: Paula Broadwell (Petraeus biographer) and Florida socialite Jill Kelley.   Allegedly Broadwell sent threatening emails to Jill Kelley and the catfight burst wide open, as there was a threatened FBI investigation which would reveal the sexual dalliances of Patraeus and Allen. 

Paula Broadwell

These two men are not unique, as they will soon likely join the ranks of the famous caught in extramarital affairs, which will tarnish their public image.  They will join the ranks of other famous cheaters as Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Anthony Weiner (most famous cyber cheater), Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Let’s face it, to become a leader---military, political, or business--- takes a special type of man or women. Many of these folks have an aggressive, arrogant and somewhat narcissistic nature that suited them well as they climbed to the top. 

So when they fall due to their sexual extracurricular affairs it is difficult to feel sorry for them as in all likelihood they hurt someone along the line on their climb to person extraordinaire.

The men or women marriage wreckers---generally physically attractive and younger when they pursued these clods knew exactly what they were doing.  They positioned themselves for the affair and were willing to play second fiddle to the spouses of these folks.

But have you noticed when the unfaithful superstars are caught---how suddenly they are remorseful.  

Publicly embarrassed many of them plead for their family members to forgive them.   Some spouses do forgive ---rather maybe tolerate each other---as Hilary appeared to forgive the loveable Bubba.   Maybe Hilary and Bill stuck together for Chelsea.  But more than likely this husband wife duo has ambitions that are tied to each other.   

Monica Lewinsky

But others like Marie and Arnold Schwarzenegger
or John Edwards and his late wife Elizabeth elected to go their separate ways. Angry and embarrassed and likely never trusting their spouses again, the spouses of many cheaters move on.   Did Marie and Elizabeth know instinctively that if they forgave their cheating spouse, the next time the cheater would become more clever about not being caught? 

Rielle Hunter

There is always that pursuer of men and women in power.   These home wreckers’ identities are based on their connection with these guys or gals that they have elected to have the affairs with.  They readily know the risks that after their  affair has been exposed to the adulterer’s spouse that they will likely be conveniently discarded.

The greatest classic of an American marriage of convenience was Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Both of these individuals appeared to have a mutual respect for each other even though FDR was unfaithful to his wife.  But the difference back then was that the public did not know about FDR’s dalliances and Americans just respected them for being the power couple.

Lucy Mercer (mistress to FDR)

Allegedly, Petraeus liked to mentor young men and women.   A person who describes himself or herself as a mentor has a very large ego. Petraeus’ decision to jog with Paula Broadwell likely sparked some physical attraction, which obviously lead to more than mentoring. 

Perhaps this was Petraeus’ only affair.  However, regardless it is good the general stepped down.  Now that that the general was outed as being a cheater, you really would not know if he was telling the truth when it came to far more significant national issues. 

Now the good news---the Generals Petraeus and Allen soap opera will be a pleasant diversion from the fiscal cliff debate.

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