Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Story of 0172 and the Adoption of an Older Pet

You really can’t replace a favorite pet and those of you who read my blog, Ode to A Great Dog and The Decision to Euthanize Her,
probably can appreciate the sadness when you have to put an animal down.  Well, my wife and I decided to add another member to our animal family and actively were starting to put out feelers to different animal rescue organizations.  

But yesterday, was just kind of a blue day for me, and I decided to go solo to the Akron Ohio,
Summit County Animal Shelter, to see if I could find a dog which had the traits of our late border collie mix Misty.  

Having always rescued strays which came into our yard or that were given to us by friends, I dreaded the trip to the dog pound.  When I arrived, I was pleasantly pleased to see how well the facility was managed and the very friendly staff who managed the facility.    And though as I walked down the aisle past the cages of barking dogs each with an assigned number, it really did not bother me if I were to leave  without a dog.  

For you see, I was on a mission to find a great dog and could be patient until I found the right one. Therefore, I was emotionally detached to all the barking dogs around me.  Some of the dogs looked very friendly, some were shy, and several growled at me.  I knew I could readily leave the shelter if I did not find the right dog.  (As much as I like dogs or cats, I would rather see them euthanized than suffer on the streets to be abused or go hungry.   Intellectually I knew these dogs were in a much better place than the alternative of living on the streets of Akron, Ohio.)

Anyway, a large 6-8 year old black, female lab mix caught my immediate fancy.  Her assigned number was 0172. 

When my wife first selected our first dog, Ramby, a large pure breed collie, she said she knew immediately that he was the dog for us.  I never bought into that love at first sight with a dog, however, have to admit I knew that 0172 was the right dog for us almost immediately and as I observed her interacting with the staff and other dogs at the pound

I have never been a fan of puppies unless they belong to someone else.   Though there are advantages of training a young puppy, the destruction the pup lays on a household is a bit overwhelming.  Older dogs, if not previously abused, are generally more mellow and can be a great addition to a household.

As my wife and I discussed prior to adopting 0172, we recognized that due to her size and potential health problems of larger dogs, she might not be around as long---maybe only 3-4 years.    But, the likely comparative short time we will have her, this potential dog will be added to the memories of some of the dogs which have preceded her.

Anyway my wife trusted my judgment and I went to the pound to adopt 0172. 

Like a kid in a candy store, I almost selected another younger male yellow lab mix. When the attendant offered to allow me to take the lab out to walk, I laughed and said, “No, there are too many choices and 0172 is really the dog I want and came back for."  

We now have an older dog.   My wife renamed 0172, Shiloh.   Despite Shiloh’s age, she has the enthusiasm of a much younger dog and has an even disposition that at this time appears to get along with everyone in the family---human, canine, and feline!

Need  a dog or cat, consider adopting from your local pet shelters or animal rescue organizations.

For those in Akron, Ohio checkout the following link to the
Summit County Animal Control for the center's operating hours.


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