Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Youcef Nadarkhani ---- Man of the Highest of Human Principles

You just can’t get around it.   Iran‘s rulers are indeed evil and are using the common historic God of Jews, Christians, and Muslims to promote their evil ways. 

Of course, Iran does not hold a monopoly on government entrenched evil. It is just that Iranian clerics just like to kill in the name of Mohammed, Allah or whatever sacred scripture from the Koran they may conveniently invoke at the time to justify their evil deed. 

Can you imagine being an average Iranian living in a country based on such a true reign of terror?

But today’s reality is that Iranian injustice has crossed the oceans and now draws in an American.

Iran has summarily tried and sentenced to death a young former  Iranian American Marine,  Amir Hekmati  for his alleged “collaboration with a hostile government.”  

Iranian American Marine Amir Hekmati

Of course, the United States is the hostile government.  All civilized countries knew the young man’s trial was based on squeezing out with torture a televised confession.  

If indeed he was working for the CIA (and the young patriot could have been, as the CIA has not denied his actions) hopefully, Obama with his newly grown set of testicles makes it very clear, this country will not tolerate the execution of an American citizen even if he spied. 

This young American patriot’s life hangs in the balance and is about to be snuffed out because our own government may conveniently desert him.

But as tragic as this may be, the Iranian clerical thugs are not out just looking for spies.

Iranian, Youcef Nadarkhani, 32, a Christian, must recant his Christian beliefs because according to the Muslim thugs who run Iran, there is no such thing as a Muslim converting to Christianity.  He has been sentenced to death for his religious beliefs  and has not been executed largely because of international outcries.  

One has to admire Nadarkhani for refusing to recant his beliefs and already he is a not only a Christian hero, but a symbol for the rights of people to choose their own spiritual beliefs.   He really should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Youcef Nadarkhani, 32

 But his days are likely numbered much like Hekmati and the other Iranians who have been executed for marriage infidelity, writing blogs critical of the Iranian regime, being homosexual or get this just being falsely accused of being a suspected homosexual or a person who may have engaged in marriage infidelities or hapless woman who has been raped!

As outraged as any decent American should be, it does give one pause to wonder that if the United States by allowing  executions in our own country  despite international outcries, why then could  we expect Iran, North Korea, and China listen to our objections to executions in their nations. 

Let’s be candid, most of the men and women on United States death row have been convicted of doing some crazed and heinous act.  They are not about to be executed  because of their sexual preferences, religious beliefs or political disagreement with United States policies. Let’s also be clear, the judicial appeal process before a United States execution occurs is exhaustive.   Often times it take years to actually occur and sometimes the execution is just commuted. 

Americans most certainly cannot operate under the illusion the American justice is perfect, as there has to have been innocent people executed despite a “fair trial.”

Most certainly, and I like to think not many, there are men and women certainly sitting in our prisons due to incompetent lawyers, dishonest prosecutors, and a flawed jury system, which is most certainly not perfect.

The death penalty may make the families of the victim feel better and though I have not had a family member murdered, I can truly understand the need and emotion to kill the perpetrator of the deed. 

But, the dealt penalty has not and never will deter murders from occurring. 

The death penalty is a barbaric response to a barbaric deed. 

The death penalty should not exist in one of the world’s greatest original democracies when other great democracies have eliminated the action. 

American  justice is most certainly not Iranian, North Korean, or Chinese injustice!   

Still, despite some judicial mistakes and still having capital punishment, the United States and other civilized democracies are  beacons of hope for rest of the world citizenry living in autocratic nations.

However, without a death penalty, the United States indeed will have an even greater well-deserved position  to criticize thug nations like Iran, North Korea, and China for their actions. 

But for tomorrow,  the death penalty in the United States will not be eliminated.

Fortunately unlike my brothers and sisters of Iran, as an American,  I can write this scathing blog about their government and at worst receive some nasty comments or internet chicanery to my site. 

But just for today, for righteous Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and Spiritualists, the only powerful tool is to pray for the innocent people of the world that some day their true suffering under the barbaric hands of truly evil men and their governments will end.

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