Friday, August 19, 2011

You Won't Go Blind if You Masturbate or Vote Democrat

Now, I most definitely do not view the drought in Texas as a  laughing matter. Coming from a family of with major ties to Illinois farmers, a drought is horrible news for the farmers. As, Americans we are fast learning droughts just do not occur in Africa.

It is a tragedy and reminds me that our environment is fragile and has a mind all of its own.

But that being said, I will have to take a few jabs at Wanna-Be -President Texas Governor Perry. If this politician turned evangelist Tea Party nut case is true to beliefs, then he should turn down absolutely all federal aide to help bail his state out during the drought crisis that Texas and much of the South finds themselves  in.

There were several articles talking about the over 500 pipes breaking in Texas due to a declining infrastructure. With the Tea Party hijacking the nation for the wealthy and corporate interests, those pipes will just have to burst and not be replaced---unless of course maybe the corporations will dig deep and replace them!
Felt a bit more hopeful about the moderates in the Republican Party when it has been reported that John Huntsman on Twitter said he believes in climate change and evolution. Maybe, just maybe, this guy might save the Party from the current crop of nut cases driving the conservative agenda of the wealthy and corporate interests.

Now I really do not think much of Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s political views, however, she was very correct noting that CNN Piers Moorage’s line of questioning was bordering on sexual harassment.

Morgan would not have kept prodding the other guests when they refused to answer and if was sitting across from a man, he would have been properly Britishly popped in the mouth.  Of course, rather than avoiding the annoying false journalistic proddings, Ms O’Donnell could have creatively responded with:

  • Masturbation is okay if done properly
  • Masturbation is never okay
  • Depends---there is always a depends regarding masturbation.
I just got the feeling Piers’ wing-wang was slowly rising as he anticipated Ms. O’Donnell’s response on masturbation and he was determined to go full throttle ahead in the discussion when she repeatedly wanted to avoid his line of questioning.

I really do applaud her for walking away from the Brit’s line of questioning.
For the record, I don’t believe you go blind if you masturbate  or vote Democrat!

Guess the sun and pollens are bothering me today and I apologize for being a bit nasty. Writing helps relieve my stress and the other activity which is . . . . well  that activity will still remain  a private matter!

Dammit, Tell Me What You Think About Masturbation


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