Friday, July 1, 2011

This Great Nation was Divinely Inspired

The Fourth of July is probably one of the better American holidays. Summer is getting underway and just hanging with friends on a deck and cooking out can be a great way to spend the weekend.

This holiday is one of patriotic jubilation.

I was reflecting about the holiday when I received an interesting update from Pew Research regarding the number of Americans who display the flag. I was very happy to learn that about 75% of Americans say they display their flag at the workplace; home; car; or on their clothing.

Knowing that we live in the greatest country in the world, my wife and I are very proud to display the flag daily so it is visible by people who pass our house. (We do take the flag down in November – February when the weather is particularly harsh.)

But every so often we disagree on the idea of establishing federal laws banning flag burning as a form of civil protest

My wife believes there should be such laws, I on the other hand do not.
The most beautiful aspect of living in this great nation is the national right afforded all our citizens to have the freedom of expression, which is guaranteed in the First Amendment. Should we decide flag burning should be band then there would have to be some modifications of the First Amendment---a dangerous path we as a nation should not go down.
A flying flag is a great sight to see. Seeing rows and rows of flying flags at a national cemetery or national parks  takes my breath away.

American protestors in our own nation burning a flag are not a pleasant sight, but the fact these protestors are not shot or incarcerated speaks volumes about this very special country that millions of us call home.

This ability of American citizens to express their disagreement with our government and its policies must always be guaranteed.
I was thinking about the stark contrast of the many nations whose people do not have the many freedoms, which we take for granted. (As you recall from history we are not a pure democracy, rather we are considered a representative democracy.)

The United States has had a very rocky and often times violent road as many of our  citizens have fought for their right to vote and assure that their civil rights are protected.   

This nation is not perfect and this great nation has been evolving.

When our forefathers designed a system of government with judicial, legislative, and executive branches, answerable indirectly to our citizenry, I believe at that time our forefathers were most certainly Divinely Inspired.

Have a safe and great July 4th holiday.

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