Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dr. Drew Pinsky's Interview with Don Lemon was a Good Inteview---but was Don Lemon too Self-Revealing?

I am cautiously starting to appreciate Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show on CNN.
After listening to Dr. Drew’s insight on human nature, I do ponder some of the comments of his guests. But as good as the show may be, and Dr. Drew appears to be a well-intentioned guy, he does want ratings, which will go up when his guests become more self-revealing on national television.
There are those men and women who give great interviews. These guests probably feel a great catharsis after sharing their deep secrets nationally in a 10-15 minute segment. Yet when the cameras are off, do these heroic guests still feel the same after sharing their intimate thoughts not only with their close friends but also with millions of people? When they are alone at night, and with their own worst critic, do they regret the very public self-revelation?
I felt a bit uneasy when CNN reporter Don Lemon was being interviewed Friday by Dr. Drew.

Lemon made headlines when during an on-air interview with members of Bishop Eddie Long’s congregation on September 25, 2010, Lemon said that he was also a victim of sex abuse as a child. More recently in his upcoming memoir, Lemon acknowledges publicly that he is gay---which he noted with Dr. Drew is actually just a small part of his book.

As a bright journalist, I am certain Lemon did think long and hard before he went public.

My uneasiness was not in his courageous self-revelations, but how will he feel in the morning when the entire world knows of his secret past. Hopefully this was a good and needed self-revelation for Lemon that will help him and the many readers and viewers he hopes to inspire.

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